If you’re seeking a well-maintained, pretty and comfortable unit in which to study your pants off or start you career, you’ve come to the right place. Ralph Malin Realty specializes in homes for young students and professionals, helping you create a slice of coziness while respecting your budget.

We are located near Porter Square, Harvard Square, Harvard, Tufts and MIT, among other great institutions of higher learning. We offer properties in good condition, close to amenities and entertainment, with on-site parking as part of the package.

Most of our units are for between two and four people, and our buildings contain between 3 and 8 units. Get ready to customize your living situation however you see fit, from a small and quiet nook to a larger community.

In addition to offering responsive maintenance and open communication, we live close to all our property sites, so we can offer help and assistance right away when necessary.